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New Frontier Valet, LLC

Welcome to New Frontier Valet, LLC a valet parking service in New Jersey.

New Frontier Valet (Valet Parking) Done Right!!!

Valet Parking Made Easy

New Frontier Valet is a full-service parking Management Company in Monmouth County. We are also a part of the local Chambers such as: The Greater Ocean Chamber of Commerce, Brick Town Chamber of Commerce, and Point Pleasant Chamber of Commerce to best serve our local communities. Our commitment is to provide our clients and their guests with the highest level in customer service. Here at New Frontier Valet we are focused on providing the most efficient valet service in the Monmouth, Ocean, and the Mercer County area. Our vision is to help establishments to; allow their guests to have a memorable experience and leave with a positive impression of venues and events. Nothing makes an event stand out like our New Frontier Valet's event valet parking service! Your attendees will know that you have made a real commitment to providing them with all the services they need to get to and from the event. Our professional and uniformed staff can handle all concerns with parking and securing your guest’s vehicles, freeing up your guests to focus on their real purpose for being there.

Whether it is a RESTAURANT, BANQUET HALL, NIGHT CLUB, COUNTRY CLUB, HOTEL, or NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, we will provide a customized valet parking plan that meets all your needs. With our hassle-free service and competitive rates, we want to build long-term relationships with our clients. New Frontier Valet is committed to providing quality service at any venue. When you have chosen New Frontier Valet as your valet source, you can be confident that you have placed the parking needs of your clients in the hands of the most capable company. We provide a 30 day no contract agreement to ensure that our clients feel entirely comfortable with utilizing our service prior to engaging us on a long-term basis. 

Our Staff

All New Frontier Valet employees and staff are highly qualified, efficient, and friendly with many years of experience. All employees must endure a 60 day probationary period where they are under constant supervision and critiqued on proper valet performance. During the probationary months, the individual will work exclusively with the general manager and the owner of the company at a low volume account until they successfully perform their skills in a professional manner. We stress quality to our customers and take pride in offering your patients and guests the very best care and service possible. New Frontier Valets are cross-trained, enabling them to perform a range of duties from valet parking to doorman and bellman services and everything in between.


Even with proper precautions, accidents do happen that is why it is essential that we have an insurance plan in place that ensures that our clients and staff are secure. Our insurance coverage includes

  • $2 Million General Liability
  • $350,000 Garage Keepers Liability
  • $1 Million Workers Compensation

We are fully insured with a reputable insurance company and have our insurance agent available to confirm coverage and answer any questions you may have regarding our policy.