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New Frontier Valet, LLC

Welcome to New Frontier Valet, LLC a valet parking service in New Jersey.

Valet Parking Services



Your  wedding is an event you have been anticipating your whole life. When the big day arrives, you often find yourself worried about the numerous things that can go wrong. Whether your guest list is a mile long  or relatively moderate, you want to make sure that everyone finds a place to park quickly so they can easily get into the venue and enjoy watching you make your vows. New Frontier Valet is the right choice for your special day!  Our valet service will add elegance and high quality customer service that will help to make your wedding day memorable.  Give your guests peace of mind and leave the parking to us.  From the moment they arrive to the moment they depart, New Frontier Valet will take care of their parking needs so that they can focus on YOU.



First impressions are EVERYTHING. Make the best impression on your diners before they step into your establishment.  New Frontier Valet will provide Five Star, Five Diamond service every time! Our professionalism and exceptional service will leave your customers coming back again and again.  New Frontier Valet provides trained, licensed, and professional drivers and a courteous staff. Your customers will receive the highest quality customer service, minimal wait time and the comfort of knowing that their vehicles are in trustworthy hands.  New Frontier Valet will enhance their dining experience and create loyal customers.  



Oftentimes the clientele  aren't necessarily there by choice and they are going through a stressful time in their lives. From hospitals, to nursing homes to doctor's offices and labs. If its rushing to the side of an injured or ailing loved one, getting an expecting mother into the care of medical professionals as quickly as possible or seeking routine medical services, the last thing your patients and guests want to think about, is finding a parking space. The addition of a well-trained valet service can transform the experience of your patients. Making their visit easier with the convenience of valet parking.  New Frontier Valet takes pride in offering the best parking service available.  We will provide a responsive, stress free experience for your patients, staff and visitors, guaranteed.



At New Frontier Valet, we customize our valet training program to align with each hotel that we serve enabling our employees to seamlessly integrate into the hotel’s business philosophy.  Our valets are cross-trained and proficient in a variety duties including: Doorman, Bellman, Parking Attendant, etc.  Our flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service will make all the difference!  Let New Frontier Valet help to put your hotel ahead of the competition. 

Golf & Country Clubs


New Frontier Valet understands the importance of providing the personal focus and attention to detail that each of your members and guests deserve.  Getting to know members by name is the first step in our personal, family-oriented approach followed by providing exceptional customer service.  New Frontier Valet can meet your parking needs for golf tournaments, weddings, fundraisers and more.

* Locally owned and operated small business located in Ocean, NJ.

Corperate & Private Events


Parking in congested areas can be a nightmare, cause schedule delays, and deter people from participating in your event.  Whether you’re having a business meeting, holiday celebration, private party or social event, New Frontier Valet will make vehicle parking a hassle free experience.  Our management team will work with your venue to identify safe parking options, arrange overflow parking areas (if necessary) and manage all of the parking details for you.  Make the best choice for your next event, New Frontier Valet!